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A Graphic Design and Branding studio dedicated to supporting Women in Business by creating beautiful, tailored brands that represent who your are and what you stand for.


We start with a deep dive to discover what your brand is all about. We’ll explore what makes you unique and how you want the world to see you.


From here, we’ll develop a comprehensive suite of brand elements – and a strategic approach to launching your new or refreshed identity.


You’ll work directly with me as we design a comprehensive, intentional and strategic brand that embodies all you aspire your business to be.


My design experience over the past 20 years and vision of working with equally passionate, ambitious business ladies is there for you to harness as an extension of your team.


If you are struggling to find the time, lack marketing experience or confidence or perhaps have outgrown your identity and need fresh ideas – let’s collaborate and create the perfect branding. That way you can get back to doing what you love!

1. Brand Development

2. Hand Lettered Brand

3. Graphic Design



Hello, Karen here. After being inspired by a past colleague, longtime friend and fellow woman striving to make her dreams a reality, I found myself here beginning my own business journey. After almost two decades of designing for others, I started A Thousand Faces with a love for design and the desire to help other women just like you succeed in your dream businesses. My intention is to be not only your designer but to provide a supportive, inspirational and creative space where you and your business can grow. I am so thankful for the ladies that have allowed me to become a part of their story and excited for you to become part of A Thousand Faces too.

Finding the designer that understands you can be challenging. Let’s see if we fit…


I love working with women like you who are passionate and committed. Let’s chat about how we can build your business into a strong, intentional brand.

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