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Hi there, I’m Karen.

I’m the ambitious introvert, down-to-earth designer and creative curser behind A Thousand Faces, a thoughtful visual branding and design studio for women in business.


Here at ATF*, I empower women in business to achieve their dreams with distinctive branding baked with meaning, strategy and purpose.


Because ATF branding is about more than just artistic elegance (although you can bet your butt it’s that too); it’s about branding that truly gets and reflects who you are and what you stand for so you can powerfully connect with your people and succeed.


*Which cheekily doubles as an acronym for As Thoughtful as Fuck.

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Exclusive pre-made brands

Cut the confusion and eliminate the anxiety of finding your dream brand with an ATF Brand Bakery pre-made brand.

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Custom brand design

Let’s dig deep, connect and alchemise the bare essence of what makes your business and brand so amazing with a thoughtful brand designed just for you.

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Clever design subscriptions

Wish you had the budget for a full-time graphic designer to bring your ideas to life? I’ve got the next best thing: Me, on call every month, working my design magic on your biz.

Words from A Thousand Fans

Three signs your brand needs a mindful makeover

Is your brand holding you back from your best biz? Scoop up your free branding checklist to find out if your brand is desperate for a mindful makeover.
ATF 3 Signs your brand needs a mindful makeover
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