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I’m so happy you’re here, lovely.

I’m Karen, the visual artist, brand designer, Coca-Cola sipper and dedicated hand-letterer here at A Thousand Faces.  


So … how did I get here? Well, art has always been a part of my life.  


As a child, I was extremely introverted, and I happily lost and found myself in the classes at the local craft shop.  


Creating with your hands is incredibly therapeutic, and this love of creating has been my dependable sidekick throughout my life, supporting me through many of life’s ups and downs as I moved from photographer’s assistant to in-house designer, from Newcastle to Brisbane (and back again) and from designer side-gig to full-time business.   

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Today, I’m a mama to two little ones, a lover of art (the real stuff; the kind of art where your hands get dirty and you’re left with a sparkle in your eye and a serious mess to clean up) and a semi-reformed wedding cake baker.


After two decades of designing in-house for others, I started A Thousand Faces with the desire to support other women by changing the face of their business for success.


At the heart of this desire, was a dear friend whose business dreams I had supported for many years with my design services.


After watching her business, brand and confidence grow, I was thrilled to see her succeed. But why stop at helping just one woman … when I could help a thousand of them?


I believe in balance over busy, non-fiction over fiction, hot chocolate over coffee and purpose paired with passion.

ATF isn’t just about using the power of visual branding to transform your glower into a grin. It’s about seeing you. Truly seeing you. Your bare-faced, beautiful essence. And creating a brand that allows others to see you too.

Personality Profile  

Five fast facts about your resident designer 

Café order: Hot chocolate and croissant.  

A dab hand at: Hand-lettering and cuddling my munchkins. 

Absolutely atrocious at: Writing.  

In my former life, I was a: Wedding cake baker 

Currently getting creative in: Newcastle, NSW 

What does

ATF Main logo


A Thousand Faces is a homage to the variety of beautiful faces we, as women in business, wield. Because while you, wonderful wonder woman, are undeniably the heart of your business, your branding is your face. It’s the first thing your audience sees and your first shot at making a positive impression.


At ATF, it’s my mission and purpose to create an elegant and authentic face for your brand so your biz can radiate confidence, beauty, grace and presence.

My signature design style is… 



Effortless elegance


Premium but practical

Cue the butterflies

I get extra excited about collaborating with

  • Charitable organisations for women
  • Female-led brands aspiring to make a true difference
  • Passionate women in business

Feeling a few butterflies yourself?


Your next step awaits.  

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