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“What’s my role throughout the branding process?”

In short: A fun one!

You’re busy (and you’ve got big goals!), which is why my process has been designed to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

To design a strategic brand that achieves your goals and gets you results, I’ll need to understand who you are, your offerings, audience, market positioning and competitors and just what it is that sets you apart.

Your role is to help me understand these things as clearly as possible (via my in-depth branding questionnaire and strategy session). Once this is completed, we’ll collaborate to create a vision board to set the visual tone for your new branding.

Beyond those initial (and very important) steps, you get to sit back and watch your brand come to life!

“How long will my branding take?”

That one is a little tricky to answer and I can’t give you an exact time. However, once you book in, I’ll create a project schedule that walks you through our deadlines and important dates. Generally, the custom branding process takes between six to eight weeks. Things that can change our timeline is communication, unforeseen circumstances and ultimately the process of creativity.

“Why do you only provide one branding concept?”

Here at A Thousand Faces I truly believe that, with the level of research conducted and the time spent on strategy, that ultimately, I can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for, the right solution, straight up. No mediocre options that could work – just the one that will, based on strategy, insight and pure creativity.

“What if I need more than branding?”

Whilst primarily ATF is a branding studio, I’m always open to hearing about your vision and seeing if we’re a good fit. If you’re a business that just needs a couple of designed pieces feel free to reach out and we can chat further.

If you’re getting your branding done with me, then I’m always more than happy to continue on with any adhoc designs you need, in fact, it’s really a no-brainer as I already know your branding so intimately!

“Can I get more refinements?”

Of course! If for some reason after 2 rounds of refinements you’re still not completely satisfied, you can get additional rounds of refinements which are charged out at my hourly rate. Due to the extensive research and brand strategy work prior to the creative phase, it is rare that you will need more than 2 rounds of refinements, but absolutely you can if need be!

“What is the difference between a Brand Strategy and Brand Guidelines?”

A Brand Strategy is a document that looks at your business and what it does, your consumer, your competitors and where you sit in comparison, your key messaging and goals for your business, your mission, vision and more. It encapsulates the overarching message that ties everything together so that you know exactly what your brand is, and your ideal clients know exactly what your brand stands for.

Whereas branding guidelines are a document that outline all of your visual identity system – i.e. your logos, colour palette, fonts, and other brand assets and how to use them aesthetically.

“Is a Brand Strategy like a Marketing Strategy?”

In short: No.

Think of a Marketing Strategy as a short-term plan to increase revenue. It covers specific things to implement so that you can achieve X,Y and Z.

Brand Strategy needs to be seen as a long-term plan to get from where you are today to where you want to be. Brand Strategies cover your overall business so that you can move forward knowing exactly who you are and what you stand for. They provide the clarity and direction you need to show-up and be you brand!

“How long until I see a return on investment?”

Great question. It’s not an exact science, but you’ll be happy to know that I’ve yet to have a client that’s not had a solid return on investment. In fact, one of my clients had 70% business growth within the first few months of launching her new brand! #happydance

Essentially though, thoughtful and strategic branding should evolve as your business does. This means that to ‘stay in the game’, you’ll always be investing in your branding, just the same as you invest in other aspects of your business.

“Will branding bring in more business for me?”

Well-executed, strategic and consistent branding (that is paired with thoughtful marketing, copywriting and offerings) will definitely positively impact your business and ability to attract your dream audience.

“What are your payment terms?”

For branding packages, I require a 50% deposit to reserve your spot in my calendar. The remaining balance is due at concept phase. There is usually 1 to 2 months between instalments. Please note that deposits are non-refundable.

For strategy sessions, small packages or individual items, I require full payment in advance.

Payment plans are available on request.

“Do you offer refunds?”

All terms and conditions are outlined in my creative contract.

“Will my branding look similar to ATF’s?”

Every brand is completely custom and created to suit your needs. In saying that, every artist has their own signature style, and I’m the same. So, while your brand may integrate my sophisticated and elegant style, that doesn’t mean it’ll look the same as mine.

Remember, we’ll take a lot of factors into consideration (like your business, your industry, your POD and your vision) when we create your visual identity.

“I’m not into your design style. Should I hire you?”

Short answer: No. My design style will always be present in my work, and if it doesn’t resonate with you then you’d be better served finding a designer with a style you love. #nohardfeelings #dowhatsbestforyourbiz

“Can we meet in person/call/Zoom?”

I love connecting with my clients, so if you’d like to chat, I’m here to help! Depending on your location, this can be face-to-face, via Zoom or on a call.

Keep in mind too, consultation calls are included in my packages and are used at the start of your project to gain a clear understanding of your project objectives.

“But can I call you anytime, Karen?”

… It’s not a hard ‘no’, but to make the most of my time I use the ‘time blocking’ technique, which means I may have my head buried in design mode or another task. It’s best to flick me an email then I can ensure you my full attention when I get back to you.

“Do your packages including copywriting?”

They don’t … but I can happily point you in the right direction of my wordy secret weapon.

“Do your services include content strategy or creation?”

They don’t … but again, I can happily point you in the right direction of some seriously talented ladies for whom this is their specialty.

“Can you print my marketing material?”

Yes, absolutely! The files provided to you will always be set-up ready for your printer, but should you wish for me to take care of the printing process for you then I can certainly arrange for your materials to be printed. I have a number of printing companies that I use regularly who deliver quality printed collateral direct to your door. You can find out more here.

“Do you offer website design/development?”

Yes! You can have your site designed and built by us (WordPress platform) – OR – You can choose to have ATF design your website and provide the files to your own developer.

“So … how can we work together?”

You can book in a casual 15 minute chat with me directly in my calendar here.

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