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This project was one of those where I got to be a bit of a #brandnerd and do some research around Alyce’s industry – Remedial Therapy, as I had no prior knowledge to draw from. Confession…this part of the branding process I actually enjoy! Learning my clients stories, motivations and what their bigger vision is I find truely intriguing. As anyone in small biz knows…it’s not for the fainthearted. And Alyce’s story and her why is inspirational!


Alyce Wilson

Alyce Wilson Remedial Therapist


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“From the very start of my rebranding project, Karen was nothing but professional and took my DIY logo and created not only an amazing design but a brand that I am now in love with. Karen’s attention to detail is second to none and I was amazed at the way she researched my industry and infused my personality into my branding highlighting my POD to ensure I stood out from my competitors. Karen is so supportive and knowledgeable in her craft that I have learnt so much already! I look forward to continuing our relationship in developing my brand further.”

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