Brand Identity Design

Forget brand shame and vulnerability, it’s time to step things up …

Hands up if you’re ready for branding that:

• Gets you noticed and adored by your dream audience.
• Uses beauty and brains to transform passive attention into active leads.
• Makes you proud AF!


Bespoke visual branding for fierce firecrackers, calm creatives, passionate change-makers and all-around awesome females in business.

I see you, lovely.

You have a powerful vision for your established biz and you’re confidently writing your success story step by step every single day. (Well, except Sundays. Sundays are for chilling.) But no matter how many webinars you attend, how many colour palettes you save, marketing tactics you use, courses you create or hours that you hustle, you feel like you’re not reaching your potential.

And so:
• Your dream audience bypasses your brand with a yawn.
• You can’t convince your customers to invest even a click in your biz.
• You connect more with your mother-in-law than you do with target market.
• Your designer doesn’t get you, your vision or your genius.
• You feel like your competitors are charging ahead, winning hearts and wallets, while you’re stuck scooping up scraps.

Sound familiar? I’ve got the fix
Meet the personalised, one-on-one creative collaboration with the brand designer that can dig deep, connect and alchemise the bare essence of what makes your business and brand so amazing.

The ATF branding experience

At ATF, you’ll find yourself in the hands of a designer you can truly trust.

I’m passionate about helping you build a sustainable and profitable business that allows you to make a living doing what you love. And I not only have the experience, creativity and technical know-how to bring your brand to life, but I’m a designer who understands marketing strategy and who thinks (not just does).

Because with thoughtful and meaningful branding comes elevated self-worth, self-confidence and self-purpose – the ingredients needed to spice things up and set you on the path of success.

did you know

A past ATF branding client had a 70% increase in revenue after launching her new brand?

You’ll love that your ATF branding

• Is thoughtful, strategic and meaningful.
• Positions you as the undeniable go-to woman in your field.
• Inspires a deep and memorable connection with your dream audience.
• Empowers you to elevate your biz into a profitable, sustainable empire.
• Truly reflects you and your brand personality.
• Supports your dream of making a living doing what you love – on your terms.

How it works

Step one

You download the ATF Brand Design Menu.

Step two

You love what you see and book in your complimentary 15-minute creative consultation with me. Hiring a brand designer is a big decision and I want to make sure you have all the knowledge, information and guidance you need before you commit.

Step three

We bond over virtual sugary drinks and your beauty that is your business. Once we’ve both confirmed that we have a perfect client/brand designer match, I’ll send over a proposal.

Step four

You approve, sign and return the proposal and send over your first non-refundable milestone payment.

Step five

I’ll book you into my calendar (my usual wait time is around a month) and send over some fun homework – in the form of a deep-diving questionnaire - for you to complete.

Step six

Once our project date arrives, I’ll get to work analysing your questionnaire. We'll connect on our Brand Strategy Consultation call and work to uncover your unique brand essence. Then, I'll unlock my creativity to create an aligned and personalised inspiration board that sets the tone for your brand. You’ll have two rounds of revisions available to refine your board until you’re completely in love with our visual direction.

Step seven

With a clear vision established, I’ll get to work creating your logo. This design process will take between ten to fifteen days and blends marketing strategy with design science for a strong, clean and thoughtful design. You’ll have two more rounds of revisions available to finetune your logo design.

Step eight

Finally, I’ll pull everything together and craft your new brand board. Complete with your moodboard, logo, logo variations, colour palette, social icons, patterns and fonts, this will be your go-to guide to navigating your new brand.

Step nine

Once you’ve approved your brand board, I’ll lovingly package up your files and send them to you via a convenient personal Dropbox link.

Bonus adventure

You can choose to have ATF weave your new branding across your online presence and printed collateral ensuring your customer journey is seamless.

Paired with bespoke hand-lettering and exceptional visual design, the ATF branding process ensures you’ll walk away with a brand that has presence and purpose.

I’m invested in your success.

Which is why I ask a lot of questions and take the time to get to know you, your biz and your ‘why’ so I can create a brand that connects – with you and your audience.

ATF Branding is best served for:

• Women who have been in business for at least a year and are ready to elevate their success.

• Businesses that have outgrown their original brand and DIY/past designers and need a designer they can totally trust to guide them in the next stage of their brand.

• Women wanting a one-on-one brand experience that feels exceptional (not everyday).

But we probably won’t click if:

• You don’t like my design style.

• You’re fully committed to DIY.

• You’re unwilling to invest time, energy and love in collaborating on your brand.


… Wait – did you say hand-lettering?

Yep – ATF is happily a hand-lettered brand specialist!

The hand-lettering service is an exclusive offering for discerning clients ready for an original, distinctive and one-of-a-kind visual brand.

Focusing solely on the custom lettering style of your main logo and coordinating submark and/or secondary logo variation, this style will ensure your branding feels wholly high-end and authentic.

For hand-lettered brands you can’t help but love, click the button.

Hold up – Why bother with your branding?

Boring branding is a little like baking the world’s tastiest wedding cake (which, you know, I used to do *dusts off ego*) … but forgetting to decorate it.
Boring branding is a little like baking the world’s tastiest wedding cake (which, you know, I used to do *dusts off ego*) … but forgetting to decorate it.

Sure, it’ll taste delicious. But will guests want to eat it? Will they even look at it twice? And will it sparkle and shine in the wedding photos? … Nope.

But great branding is like baking the type of wedding cake that Pinterest dreams are made of. It’s gorgeous, original, eye-catching and even a glance in its direction will have your guests drooling. Plus, it’s memorable, delicious and completely can’t-stop-raving-about–able.

Convinced? Keep reading.

Freshly baked brands

Hungry for your own ATF brand?

(I don’t blame you!)

ATF branding packages start from $2750 (including GST).

Spaces are limited. Like, super limited.

Ready to take the next step? Satisfy your craving by downloading my Brand Design Menu below, and I’ll serve up a tasting plate of my prices and packages.

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