60 Minute Brand Strategy Consultation


You shouldn’t have to think fingers crossed about your brands future. 
If you’re experiencing brand vulnerability when hitting post, pressing print or saying “Hey, this is us.” Then…

APPLY for your COMPLIMENTARY 60 minute brand strategy call with me, ATF’s resident brand consultant. If selected, you will get to experience a high-level 60 minute Brand Strategy Consultation during which we’ll review your brand and outline a (no BS and easy to follow) strategic action plan to define your brand and set you on the right path…’cause that’s why you’re here right?

So, what will I actually get out of this?

During your call we’ll take a snapshot view of just where your brand is currently positioned. Then, I’ll be taking you through the key points of how to build a brand from the inside out. And, finally we’ll outline just what action you need to take to move forward…yep, the no BS way, because no-one has time for fluff!

Here’s a sneak-peak at what we’ll go through:


Discover why you shouldn’t build your brand around your offering, but instead focus the result you provide.

Branding Fundamentals

Learn the 3 essential components that make up a strategic and killer brand. Yes, that’s right, there three parts to it, not just your visual identity (aka your logo, colours, fonts and assets).

Insight to your POD

Understand what the #1 thing you have that no one else does and how to leverage it in your brand

Market Positioning

The exact steps you need to take to gain stronger market positioning and competitive ‘cut-through.


The 4 things to action to ensure your brand connects with the right people (aka, your ideal audience).

Brand Experience

Discover just what it takes to create a positive, memorable and pain-free client brand experience.


How to stop being generic cause, well…nobody wants (or notices) that. Let’s get you noticed!

“Karen designed a whole new brand for my business, and I was so impressed with her professionalism throughout the whole process. She was so easy to work with and really got my vision for my business with ease. I absolutely LOVE my new logos and branding, and since implementation of my new brand across my business, my sales have increased 70%+ and my engagement across my socials has been phenomenal. Highly recommend! Thank you, Karen!”
Lisa | The Glorious Hoof
“From the very start of my rebranding project, Karen was nothing but professional and took my DIY logo and created not only an amazing design but a brand that I am now in love with. Karen’s attention to detail is second to none and I was amazed at the way she researched my industry and infused my personality into my branding highlighting my POD to ensure I stood out from my competitors. Karen is so supportive and knowledgeable in her craft that I have learnt so much already!”
Alyce | Alyce Wilson Remedial Therapist

Meet your designer and brand strategist

Hi there, I’m Karen.

I’m the ambitious introvert, down-to-earth designer and creative curser behind A Thousand Faces, a thoughtful visual branding and design studio for women in business.

Here at ATF, I empower women in business to achieve their dreams with distinctive branding baked with meaning, strategy and purpose.

Because ATF branding is about more than just artistic elegance (although you can bet your butt it’s that too); it’s about branding that truly gets and reflects who you are and what you stand for so you can powerfully connect with your people and succeed.

Karen xo
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